Buna Kella

by Balesuk

Bunna-Qale is the traditional way of roasting coffee, in my opinion. It is prepared using a coffee fruit (in Amharic Difin-bunna), natural butter, milk and sugar (the later not necessarily). The process involves: very small part of coffee fruits are removed commonly by crashing using teeth in order to make the flow of butter easy during roasting. Then, the coffee is washed in water, while the butter is being heated and put into the boiled butter to be cooked. Next, the milk is boiled and some sugar is added on it (if any). At the end, both coffee and milk are mixed in the Qorii, traditional utensil made of wood, which makes the Bunna-Qale ready to be served.

According to the Boran Oromo in general, Bunna-Qale has great value during traditional rituals and in marriage ceremonies. In marriage, a man should bring enough amount of Difin-bunna to the girl's family to request. On such ceremonial procedures,Bunna-Qale is a must to the elders. Part of the coffee brought by the man is also shared with the neighbors and relatives.

Additionally, during those good times (rainy seasons) the Borena pastoralists women may regularly make it to their husbands ever morning depending on the availability of the required resources, or may be for guests too. What further add value of Bunna-Qale is its closing ceremony of the elders blessing (Mirkat)that commonly comes after it is served according to age, beginning with elders and consumed.